Anthony Byrd

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Certified Home Inspector Anthony Byrd

Professional Background.

Coming from a structural engineering background Anthony Byrd worked for 7 years in the heavy industrial industry. Throughout his time in the industry, he developed and honed his skills in highly detailed-oriented tasks and understanding structural components and their designs.

Anthony is also well versed in carpentry and home investment and improvement as well as hands-on experience with a majority of the home’s major components and appliances in the home. This blend of knowledge and experience allows him to understand the many elements of home inspection.

A Natural Fit

After learning and discussing the ins and outs of the real estate business with his realtor friends he discovered home inspections and realized what a great fit it would be for his skill set and outlook. After testing the waters of the home inspection business Andrew got certified and never looked back.

Motivated to Help Others

Not only does home inspection fit with Anthony’s skills and knowledge but it’s also the exact thing he wants to do. He finds a deep sense of satisfaction and motivation in aiding individuals during the home-buying and selling process. It is a major financial decision for anyone and he finds true joy in guiding his clients through that choice and giving them the information to make the best decision possible.

Homelife and Hobbies

During his spare time, Anthony participates in a wide variety of different activities. He has been an avid piano player for many years. Throughout the years he has played at several different churches as well as playing at home to help relax and unwind. He greatly enjoys being outdoors with his family either biking, hiking, or other forms of exercise.

He is a devoted father that always makes time to help teach and engage with his son by playing basketball or engaging in his other hobbies. He considers himself a craftsman of sorts and finds satisfaction in working with his hands by building, fixing, or just tending the yard. More than anything time with his family is the most well spent and seeing a smile on their faces is his greatest joy.

Certified Home Inspector Anthony Byrd


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Anthony Byrd TREC LIC. # 21925

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